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jQuery Mobile: document ready vs page events

jQuery document ready vs jQuery Mobile page events The difference between jQuery document ready and jQuery Mobile page events, how to implement page events and obstacles along the way. jQuery Mobile document ready vs pageinit events Working with jQuery Mobile events in a web mobile projects. I

Difference between jQTouch and jQuery mobile

jQtouch is optimized for WebKit, jQuery Mobile is looking to support all mobile devices. To understand the difference between jQTouch and jQuery mobile, here a collection of articles we find interesting. JQTouch (JQT) vs Jquery Mobile  jQTouch vs jQuery Mobile  jQuery Mobile versus jQTouch- Comparison on a

Mobile app Onboarding tools

watchsend Record your iPhone app. Watchsend records video of your users interacting with your app. Tag Sessions and Devices: Attach tags to any recording session or device in your code. View, search, and filter by tags later. See Where They Touch: We track wherever your users’ fingers

Top 5 Mapkit tutorial for iOS

In this Article, you will find most popular articles where we are going to learn how to make a map application using mapkit framework in iOS. We will learn how to change pin colors, set coordinates and zoom location. Learn Apple’s MapKit framework for adding real-world

Top 5 Android Web Services Tutorial

Webservices are services of processing data exposed on the internet, they can take many forms, come from many different sites, doing various tasks and be private or public. This tutorial will address an important issue that is the interaction between an Android app and Web service Android

Best practices for unit testing Android Apps

Unit testing offers significant advantages as a development practice and helps ensure higher quality code with fewer defects. Unfortunately, unit testing Android apps can be challenging. is a really easy to use framework that makes testing of android applications easy and fast. Robolectric, an alternative approach to

Simulators and emulators for mobile browser testing

The most useful tools for mobile web are emulators and simulators. iOS Simulator Samsung Galaxy Tab Add-on Nokia Symbian Emulators Nokia Series 40 Emulators Motorola Add-ons SDK for Android BlackBerry Simulators BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator Windows Phone 7 Simulator Sony Ericsson SDK for Android Nook SDK for Android

HTML5 best practices: section, header, aside, article tags

Before we get to the section, aside, header, nav and footer elements it important we understand one of the foundational changes in html5. Each piece of sectioning content has its own self-contained outline. That means you don’t have to keep track of your heading level anymore-you can

4 Best PhoneGap Tutorials

We purpose a good tutorials and samples project using Phonegap and jQuery Mobile. PhoneGap From Scratch: Introduction : Want to learn how to use PhoneGap, but don’t know where to get started Sample Application using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap: a simple application I built using jQuery Mobile

Xamarin 2.0 vs Appcelerator Titanium vs PhoneGap

Cross-platform development is a big deal, and will continue to be so until a day comes when everyone uses the same platform. Sometimes I hear it said that there are essentially two approaches to cross-platform mobile apps. You can either use an embedded browser control and write